1. Newsletter Dispenser Server
    The best valued software on the market that provides manageability and maintainability of your newsletter.

  2. Ad Dispenser Server
    You can now control and manage electronic advertisements on your website and newsletter with ease and comfort.

  1. Yasna Inc provides technology consulting focused on customer service and satisfaction. We provide a range of services such as project management, IT consulting and technical services to businesses from a broad sector. We also provide packaged software products. We provide collaboration and solutions for companies to excel their productivity and effectiveness in today's market place.

  1. Yasna Inc. was formed in 1998. Yasna is an ancient word meaning devotion. We are devoted and dedicated in providing a technology to our clients to help them through their business.

  2. Our focus is computer technology and enabling our customers achieving their business goals through technology.

  3. Over the years we have successfully completed and implemented numerous systems for our clients. We focus on the future and pave the path to better technologies for our clients..

  1. Our company has grown over the years to provide consulting services, value add services and software products. Yasna started as a consulting company dedicated to providing services to our customers. We have expanded our services to include critical server hosting and server maintenance for our customers. We also have created products geared towards enabling technologies for our customers.

  2. Following are our software categories:
    Ad Server
    Classified Software
    Newsletter Software
    Forum Software

  3. Following are categories of our public websites:
    Wedding Website
    Wedding Flowers

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